ITSO Services

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ITSO provides the following services:

In support of IP creation by facilitating access to global science and technology information:

  • Serve as a patent search facility and library for patent information;
  • Provide skills training in patent searching;
  • Render patent search services; and
  • Organize a community of patent information users.

In support of IP protection by promoting domestic and globally-competitive innovations:

  • Provide general information on patents and patenting;
  • Provide skills training in patent drafting and prosecution;
  • Render patent drafting and prosecution services; and
  • Organize a community of experts to participate in patent examination.

In support of IP utilization by assisting commercialization of globally-competitive innovations;

  • Render IP audit and evaluation services;
  • Provide licensing support;
  • Provide advice on IP management and commercialization strategies; and
  • Be a depository of patent-related documents, papers and statistics.