ITSO’s Technical Expert conducts seminar on Fundamentals on IP and Patent for Engineers

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Engr. Jeffrey T. Dellosa, one of the Technical Experts of the Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) in Caraga State University (CSU), shared his knowledge on Intellectual Property (IP) and focused his talk on patent during the regional seminar on “Fundamentals of IP and Patent for Engineers” held at the Sunflower Bistro, Butuan City.

The participants of the seminar included more than forty (40) Electronics Engineering (ECE) professionals practicing in Caraga Region and over twenty (30) Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (BSECE) students in both private and public universities and colleges in the region.

During the regional seminar, the ITSO Technical Expert introduced and discussed to the participants the basic definitions of the Intellectual Property (IP) and IP Rights as well as the branches of IP that includes Industrial Property and Copyright. He put focused on the discussion on patent as a form of protection under the Industrial Property since the participants are engaged into engineering activities. Output of those engineering activities may actually produce patentable inventions.

The speaker also encouraged those participants who have inventions to visit the ITSO in CSU so they can be advised on how to proceed with patenting their inventions.

With limited number of hours provided for the talk, the speaker aims to have a follow-up talk on the basics of patent search and introduction to patent drafting training for all engineers.