Dr. Anthony M. Penaso delivers special message to Patent Search and Patent Drafting training-workshop participants

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Caraga State University President Dr. Anthony M. Penaso delivered his inspirational message to the participants during the opening day of the three-day Patent Search and Patent Drafting training – workshops held last February 22-24, 2017 at the La Dolce Vita Inland Resort in Cabadbaran City.

Dr. Penaso emphasized the relevance of protecting CSU’s intellectual properties (IPs) and the technology commercialization of our IPs as part of the entrepreneurship program of the university. He also stressed the importance of performing patent search prior to the conduct of any research activity, especially for technology development.

Dr. Penaso remains committed on the protection of the university’s IP assets. In June 2016, Dr. Penaso signed the renewal of commitment of the Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) franchise in CSU to continue on for another five years for the endeavors of IP protection, generation and technology commercialization. The conduct of training-workshops for the faculty members and students is an integral part of the function of ITSO.

The three-day training-workshops were participated by researchers and technologists of CSU Cabadbaran Campus and was co-organized by ITSO and the Research & Extension Office of CSUCC. The event was led by Dr. Marilyn B. Castillo, the CSUCC Campus Director, Dr. Flordeliza Alburo, the newly designated ITSO Head at CSUCC and Prof. Joy Lyn dela Cruz, the Director for the Research and Extension Office. Engr. Jeffrey T. Dellosa, ITSO Manager led the ITSO Team during the conduct of these training-workshops with Prof. Kenneth L. Ciudad as the other speaker.

This activity was first agreed to be conducted after the attendance of CSUCC key officials at the Business of IP Asia Conference in Hong Kong. The participants from CSUCC during the BIP Asia Conference were Dr. Marilyn B. Castillo and Prof. Joy Lyn dela Cruz. The CSU participants agreed on the relevance of patent and patent information as they learned that universities in Hong Kong and from the mainland China and other big companies in Asia truly benefitted from the tangible benefits of their intellectual properties.

Engr. Rey Abraham Negre, patent consultant of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) and a former patent/utility model (UM) examiner in the engineering field, served as one of the speakers for the three-day event. He gave talks on the drafting of claims and the patent application process at IPOPHL on day two. Participants were also introduced to how patent and UM examiners scrutinize patent application documents from inventors or patent agents.

“This is the first time that I am truly impressed with the participants of any patent search and drafting training-workshops because of the dedication and commitment of the participants to produce realistic outputs that can be applied to IPOPHL immediately”, Engr. Negre during the closing program of the training. “Very impressive participants!”

There are around nine outputs for submission or application to IPOPHL this March after the documents are completed by researchers and polished by ITSO. ITSO will continue on with the conduct of training-workshops for faculty members and researchers who are interested to learn the intricacies of patent, patent search and patent drafting.