CSU's ITSO Technical Experts Pass WIPO's DL Courses

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Four Technical Experts in Caraga State University’s ITSO completed all requirements and passed their Final Exams in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)’s Distance Learning (DL) Courses and International Certifications. Among the active participants in the 2014 to 2016 DL Courses from CSU are Engr. Jeffrey T. Dellosa, ITSO Manager, with Mr. Henson Dejarme, Dr. Rolyn Daguil and Mr. Kenneth Ciudad as Technical Experts.

Engr. Dellosa completed all five DL Courses required from DL 101, DL 301, DL 318, DL 320 and DL 450 Courses while Mr. Dejarme completed DL 301 and DL 320, Mr. Ciudad completed DL 301 and DL320 and Dr. Daguil completed DL 101 and DL 301. Engr. Jefrey Bagasbas is currently taking up DL 301 and DL 320 courses. Engr. Dellosa obtained 97% rating in DL101, 92% rating in DL301, 88% in DL320 and 90% rating on DL450. 

All Technical Experts are recipients of the IPOPHL and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)’s scholarship grants. WIPO’s DL Courses offer online courses on intellectual property including advanced courses on patent, patent information search, patent drafting and IP management to advance the knowledge and skills of the technical experts of the local ITSOs. The DL courses are considered to be the primary avenue to establish the capability development of all technical experts of the ITSOs. Among the DL Courses taken were:

  • DL101 - General Course on Intellectual Property
  • DL301 – Advanced Course on Patent
  • DL318 – Advanced Course on Patent Information Search
  • DL320 – Advanced Course on Patent Drafting
  • DL450 - Advanced Course on Intellectual Property Management

The DL courses require participants to attend both online and offline activities. Each course has mandatory number of days of personal study performed in campus and off-campus at the pace of the participants. After the duration of the course, all participants are required to take the international exam for each course. Participants who passed the international certification may only receive the coveted certificate for each course from WIPO. For those who failed the exam, they are not provided with the certificate for the entire duration of the DL course to the disadvantage of the participants!